Opening Keynote Speaker
Reconciling Humans and Technology: The Role of Ambient Intelligence
at the

AmI 2017 - European Conference on Ambient Intelligence:
Towards a Smart and Human-Centered Internet of Things.
Honorary Chair: Norbert Streitz
Málaga, Spain ( 26. - 28. April 2017)

Speaker "Beyond Smart Cities - Towards Humane, Sociable and Cooperative Hybrid Cities". re:publica 2017 - Conference on Digtal Society - #rp17. Berlin, Germany (8. - 10. May 2017)

Invited Speaker "Smart Urban Living: Chancen und Risiken der digitalen Gesellschaft in der Stadt der Zukunft" im gemeinsamen Kolloquium des Fachgebiets Kognitionspsychologie und Kognitive Ergonomie und des Fachgebiets Kognitive Modellierung in dynamischen Mensch-Maschine-Systemen, Institut für Psychologie und Arbeitswissenschaft an der Technischen Universität Berlin, Berlin, Germany (10. May 2017)


Invited Speaker Redefining the „Smart Everything“ Paradigm: Chancen
und Risiken in der Stadt der Zukunft am Beispiel von Smart Mobility

at the 1000Vordenker Workshop
„The Future of Innovation“. München, Germany (29. - 30. June 2017)

5th International Conference on
Distributed, Ambient and Pervasive Interactions (DAPI-2017)

Program Chairs: Norbert Streitz & Panos Markopoulos

jointly held with the

19th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCII-2017)
Vancouver ConventionCentre,Vancouver, Canada (9. - 14. July 2017)


Keynote Speaker
"Re-defining the “Smart Everything” Paradigm towards Reconciling Humans and Technology" at the
11. Multi-Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems (MCCSIS 2017) addressing the following three co-located conferences:
Connected Smart Cities - CSC 2017
ICT, Society and Human Beings - ICT 2017
Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction 2017 – IHCI 2017
Lisbon, Portugal (20. - 23. July 2017)


Invited Speaker at the Workshop on
"Universal Design in Ambient Intelligent Environments"
at the Norwegian Computing Center
Oslo, Norway (12. January 2016)

Keynote Speaker "People-Centered Experience Design of
Transient Spaces in Hybrid Cities and Airports"

 at the
Connecting Cities Symposium of the European and Worldwide
Connecting Cities Network on connected infrastructures of media facades, urban screens and projection sites. iMAL - Center for Digital Cultures and Technologies. Brussels, Belgium (11. March 2016)

Media Architecture Summit 2016
(Smart Media Architecture - Enabling sharing and open access for connected cities and neighbourhoods) Deutsches Architektur Museum,
Frankfurt, Germany (15.-16. March 2016)

Invited Speaker "Privacy by Design in Smart, Hybrid Cities and Airports"
and Panelist in the Panel on "Achieving Citizen Involvement and Buy-in" at the

Smart Summit Conference - Smart Cities -
The Future of the Smart Society

Kap Europa, Frankfurt, Germany (6.- 7. April 2016)

Future Internet Kongress 2016
Kap Europa, Frankfurt, Germany (13. April 2016)

Invited Speaker at the
Business Wire Media Event: MEDIAmeeting – the VISUALedition. Expert panel on "The importance and the impact of images and videos on the internet". Museum für Kommunikation, Frankfurt, Germany
(9. June 2016)

4. International Conference on
Distributed, Ambient and Pervasive Interactions (DAPI-2016).
Program Chairs: Norbert Streitz & Panos Markopoulos

jointly held with the

18. International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCII-2016)
The Westin Harbour Castle Hotel, Toronto, Canada (17. - 22. July 2016)


Keynote Speaker "Chancen und Risiken der digitalen Gesellschaft am Beispiel von Smart Cities".
at the Bergakademie of the Alumni Association of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation (Studienstiftung) - Section Switzerland.
Wildhaus, Switzerland (23.- 25. September 2016)

Opening Keynote Speaker "Opportunities and Risks of Digitalisation
in the Context of Smart Hybrid Cities and Airports"

at the
USEWARE - 2016 Conference of the Wissensforum of VDI
(Verein Deutscher Ingenieure). Dresden, Germany (6. - 7.- October 2016)


Chancen und Risiken der Smart City
Norbert Streitz: Invited Speaker and Panelist

17. IIR Konferenz "Immobilienstandort München 2015"
Rocco Forte Charles Hotel, München (18. - 19. June 2015)

"urban age - people - cities - airports - hybrid.smart.human.sociable"
Invited talk of Norbert Streitz at Colloquium at
Google Headquarters, Mountain View, USA (29. July 2015)

3. International Conference on
Distributed, Ambient and Pervasive Interactions (DAPI-2015)
Program Chairs: Norbert Streitz & Panos Markopoulos
jointly held with the

17. International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCII-2015).
The Westin Bonaventure Hotel, Los Angeles, USA (2. - 7. August 2015)

Life in Smart Cities and Airports – People-Centered Design
for Transient Smart Spaces
.  Invited talk at the Colloquium of the

DesignLab, University of California, San Diego
La Jolla, California, USA (10. August 2015)

Citizen-Centered Design for Humane and Sociable Hybrid Cities
Keynote Speaker at 3. International Conference
"Hybrid City" - Data to the People"

Athens, Greece (17. - 19. September 2015)

Advisory Council Meeting and Talks at the

Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute (M-ITI)
Funchal, Madeira (9. - 12. October 2015)
(Norbert Streitz member of the M-ITI Advisory Council)

CeBIT Konferenz d!conomy – Digitale Transformation der Wirtschaft
Düsseldorf, Germany (2.- 3. November 2015)

AmI 15 - European Conference on Ambient Intelligence
Athens, Greece (11.- 13. November 2015)
(Norbert Streitz Publicity Chair and member of the AmI-Steering Committee)


Human-centered Design in the Large: Smart Cities and Smart Airports.
Norbert Streitz. Invited Talk at Colloquium of the
City University London, Department of Computer Science, Mixed Reality Lab
London, UK (20. November 2014)

AmI 14 - European Conference on Ambient Intelligence
Eindhoven, The Netherlands (11. - 13. November 2014)
(Norbert Streitz member of the AmI-Steering Committee)

Smart Cities Boosting the Urban Age.
Keynote Speaker at the
8. Groundstar User Conference.
Frankfurt, Germany (8.- 10. September 2014)

2. International Conference on
Distributed, Ambient and Pervasive Interactions (DAPI-2014).

Program Chairs: Norbert Streitz & Panos Markopoulos
jointly held with the

16. International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCII-2014)
Creta Maris, Heraklion, Crete, Greece (22. - 27. June 2014)


Fourth International Joint Conference on Ambient Intelligence (AmI-13)
Dublin, Ireland (3.- 5. December 2013)
(Norbert Streitz member of the AmI-Steering Committee)

1. International Conference on
Distributed, Ambient and Pervasive Interactions (DAPI-2013)

Program Chairs: Norbert Streitz & Constantine Stephanidis
jointly held with the

15. International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCII-2013)
Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (21. - 26. July 2013) (program schedule)

Smart Cities as New Challenges for Human-Centered Design.
Keynote Speaker at
SouthCHI 2013 - ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human Factors in Computing and Informatics
Maribor (European Capital of Culture), Slovenia (1.- 3. July 2013)

Human-Centered Interaction and Experience Design of Smart Cities.
Invited Talk at the

IFI-Colloquium of the Department of Informatics, University of Zürich
Zürich, Switzerland (18. April 2013)


Smart Cities and Ambient Intelligence.
Invited Talk at the
ConventionCamp - Die Internet(un)Konferenz".
Hannover, Germany (27. November 2012).

Third International Joint Conference on Ambient Intelligence (AmI-12)
Pisa, Italy (13.-15. November 2012)
(Norbert Streitz member of the AmI-Steering Committee)

Designing Smart Cities: Urbane Räume als Orte vernetzter Arbeits- und Lebenswelten.
Invited Talk by at the "Mensch & Computer 2012" Conference
Konstanz, Germany (9.-12. September 2012).

Trends und Thesen zu den Arbeitswelten der Zukunft: Neue Formen

der Zusammenarbeit im Zeitalter lokaler und globaler Mobilität.
Keynote Speaker at
"Future IT Workplace: How your workforce will drive fundamental changes in IT. Extendance Event at Neue Börse,
Zürich, Schweiz (29. August 2012)

Designing Interactive Lighting workshop at the
Designing Interactive Systems Conference (DIS 2012)
(11.- 15. June 2012, Newcastle, UK) Call for Papers deadline: 1. March 2012
Norbert Streitz is one of the Organizers of this workshop.

Human-Centered Interaction and Experience Design
of Ambient Intelligence Environments

Two Invited Lectures at the "
Workshop on Multi-Display Environments - MDE2012" organized by the Pervasive and Artificial Intelligence research group at the Department of Informatics of the University of Fribourg.
Fribourg, Switzerland (22. - 23. March, 2012).

Invited talk by Norbert Streitz at the Conference "
Leben 3.0 - Treffpunkt Zukunft"
(Life 3.0 - Meeting Point Future) on the Panel "Mobility, City and Space".
Frankfurt, Germany (14. March 2012)

Norbert Streitz member of the Advisory Review Committee of the

Keio-NUS CUTE Center*, a research lab operated by the National University
of Singapore (NUS) and Keio University, Japan
Singapore (28. February - 1. March 2012)
followed by

Two presentations in the Event "Mirai - Future Lifestyle" at the Cultural Center
The Arts House in the Old Parliament of Singapore.

  • "Future Life Style in Smart Cities: The Disappearing Computer and Ambient Intelligence", a presentation in the Technical Forum "Magic behind Future Life Smart Cities"
  • "Interaction Design for Ambient Intelligence Environments and Smart Cities"
    Public Talk presentation.

Singapore (2.- 3. March 2012)

(*CUTE = Connective Ubiquitous Technology for Embodiments)


Second International Joint Conference on Ambient Intelligence (AmI-11)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands (16. - 18. November 2011)
Late Breaking Results Paper Chairs:
Norbert Streitz (Germany) & Adrian Cheok (Singapore, Japan)

Digiteo Annual Forum 2011
École Polytechnique, Paris (18. October 2011)
"Smart Hybrid Cities and Ambient Intelligence"
Invited plenary presentation by Norbert Streitz

HCI International 2011 (9.-14. July 2011, Orlando, Florida, USA)
Designing Interaction for Ambient Intelligence Environments
(Invited Tutorial presented by Norbert Streitz)
- "Smart Cities, Ambient Intelligence and Universal Access"
(Presentation of accepted paper by Norbert Streitz)

Interaction Design Zurich University of the Arts / Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (ZHdK). Invited talk:
"Designing Interaction for Ambient Intelligence Environments and Smart Cities"
(16. June 2011, Zürich, Switzerland)

FET'11: The European Future Technologies Conference and Exhibition.
(4. - 6. May 2011, Budapest, Hungary). Norbert Streitz: invited speaker in the session
"Pervasive Socio-Technical Fabric: Challenges to pervasive systems research"

26. Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF26): Wireless Solutions for Vertical Markets
Plenary Speaker Norbert Streitz: "Ambient Intelligence for Smart Urban Living"
(11. - 13. April 2011, Doha, Qatar).

Carnegie-Mellon-University Qatar
Visitor and invited speaker Norbert Streitz: "Smart Cities, Ambient Intelligence and the Disappearing Computer" (10. April 2011, Doha, Qatar).

PropertyCom Executive Management Conference
(23. March 2011, GDI - Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute, Rüschlikon/Zürich, Switzerland)
Invited Speaker Norbert Streitz: "Smart Hybrid City: Paradigma für die Zukunft urbanen Lebens“

1. International Conference on Pervasive and Embedded Computing and
Communication Systems (PECCS 2011) (5. - 7. March 2011, Algarve, Portugal)
Keynote Speaker Norbert Streitz:
"Smart Hybrid Cities as an Umbrella for Ambient Intelligence Research"

TEI ’11 - Fifth International Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction
(23. - 26. January 2011, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal). Norbert Streitz invited member of the
Panel "
Tangible Embedded Embodied Interaction: What’s the Fuss?"


Trendforum 2010:
Das Business-Symposium für Trendforschung, Innovationsmanagement
& Trendmarketing. (23.-24. November 2010, BMW-Welt, München, Germany)
Invited Speaker Norbert Streitz: "Smart Urban Living: Die Zukunft unserer
Lebens- und Arbeitswelten"

AmI-10 First International Joint Conference on Ambient Intelligence.
(10. - 12. November 2010, Málaga, Spain)
Landscapes Chair: Norbert Streitz: Speaker and Session Chair
Invited talk: Ambient Intelligence Research Landscapes

Media Architecture Biennale 2010  - Conference, Workshops, Exhibit
(7. - 9. October 2010, Künstlerhaus, Wien, Austria)
Speaker and Chair of Session "M.U.S.E. – Media Urbanism,
Smart & Green City, Environmental Sustainability"

Seminar on "Intelligent Cities for a Sustainable Development"
at the Fondazione Ugo Bordoni (30. September 2010, Rome, Italy)
Keynote speaker Norbert Streitz: "Smart Hybrid Cities: Designing
our Future Urban Environments".

ISAmI 2010 - International Symposium on Ambient Intelligence
(16.- 18. June 2010, Guimarães, Portugal) (Norbert Streitz PC-Member)

Goldbach Mediarena 2010: Trends der digitalen Kommunikation
(18. May 2010, World Trade Center, Oerlikon, Zürich, Switzerland)
Inivted Speaker Norbert Streitz: "Smart Hybrid City – Trends für die Stadt der Zukunft"

Namahn Lecture Series
(21. April 2010, Brussels, Belgium)
Invited Lecturer Norbert Streitz: "Towards the City of the Future:
The role of innovative human-computer interaction paradigms"


AmI-09 - Third European Conference on Ambient Intelligence
(18. - 21. November 2009) Salzburg, Austria
with a new category called "
Landscapes" (Chair: Norbert Streitz).
The accepted submissions constituted two sessions chaired by Norbert Streitz
with an Opening Presentation by him on
"Ambient Intelligence Landscapes for Realizing the Cities of the Future"

ACE 2009 International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology Athens, Greece (29.-31. October 2009). The topic of the presentation of the
Keynote Speaker Norbert Streitz was "Towards the City of the Future".

COSIT'09 - Conference on Spatial Information Theory. Aber Wrac'h, Bretagne,
France (21.-25. September 2009).
Norbert Streitz Invited Speaker at
COSIT'09 Workshop on

"Spatial and Temporal Reasoning for Ambient Intelligence Systems" with a talk on
"Designing Information, Communication, and Experiences in Ubiquitous Hybrid Worlds"

Tutorial on "Ambient Intelligence: Designing Interaction for Smart Artefacts"
at the 13th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
HCI International 2009), San Diego, USA, 19.-24. July 2009.

ERCIM Spring Days and ERCIM 20th Anniversary, Paris, France (26. - 29. May 2009)

Science beyond Fiction: The European Future Technologies Conference (FET'09)
Prague, Czech Republic (21.-23. April 2009)

Series of International Workshops of the Working Group "Ambient Computing and Communication Environments" (Chair: Norbert Streitz) that were organized as part
of the InterLink-project.

Final Dissemination Event on 22. April 2009
at the FET'09 Conference in Prague, Czech Republic

4. Consolidation Workshop in Cannes, France (12.-14. November 2008)

3. Thematic Workshop in Tokyo, Japan (18.-20. June 2008)

2. Thematic Workshop in Eltville-Hattenheim, Germany (5.-7. November 2007)

1. Opening Workshop in in Eze, France (10.-12. May 2007)